Crowdfunding goes in search of the sun

Today developed the complete brand identity e for We Share Solar (Zonnepanelen Delen). One which could storm both the business and private markets. A brand movie en App followed.

The client

With its online platform, ZonnepanelenDelen wants to help people organise crowd funding for their own solar energy systems. With ZonnepanelenDelen you can produce yield from solar panels even when you don’t have one on your own roof. This provides everyone in the Netherlands with the opportunity to contribute to sustainable energy in the Netherlands.

The brief

Develop an individual, robust brand identity for ZonnepanelenDelen that makes people feel good and encourages them into action.

Our answer

We all know that we’re more likely to do something if we’ve been addressed personally. Today gave ZonnepanelenDelen a subtly activist identity with a friendly tone, one that can be easily identified with. To emphasise the power of sharing, we made a brand movie in which we explain why it is so important to capture solar energy together. By sharing the solution, we multiply the convenience.


Connected with the sun

This app is a winner of the Red Dot Award 2016, category communication design. Anywhere insight into your solar power and see what you’ve generated per day, week or year. Anyone can download the app. Even if you do not have a solarpanel. With this App you stand directly in connection with the sun. We developed the concept design and layout of the entire App.


Daily achievements

Comparable to a fitness app you’re able to collect certain achievements. For example; when you collect the daily limit of collectable solar energy you could earn the achievement of “sun god”.



A completely new website

Along with an award winning app there should be a clear and intuitive website. For the new website of ZonnepanelenDelen we made a set of 3D animated videos that show the possible advantages of having solar panels. Additional we made the complete design, ranging from wireframes to interactive details and the complete visual design.


Sharing multiplies the convenience

Movie with a positive message We live in a time where energy is actually not a problem . The sun gives us every hour more energy than we use all together in one year. We share Solar connects people who want to invest in renewable energy. We made a brandmovie that carries this powerful message (sorry, only with Dutch voice over).


Sunny announcement

In a short time, ZonnepanelenDelen has grown into the largest Dutch crowd-funding platform for solar energy. Since its start, the platform of more than 1,000 members has already raised € 900,000 from crowdfunding.

Brochure Zonnepanelen

Our green energy

Today is also the proud owner of a solar panel − it’s on the roof of the Euroborg stadium in Groningen. Today is pleased to be contributing to cleaner energy in the Netherlands. The widget below shows, in real-time, how much solar energy our share has created, expressed in Watts.

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