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Ziggo wanted to provide insight into their CSR policy. The leading entertainment company does this with tools including a social annual report in which digitalisation, the client, the environment and society are the focus. Following the success of previous online social annual reports, Today was once again brought in – in collaboration with JCM-Context – to provide the online and offline CSR annual report. A unique project with its very own visual language.


The client

Ziggo and UPC became one in April 2015, and have been operating since then under the name Ziggo.

The clients are always first priority for Ziggo. The business also feels a responsibility towards society, for the environment and the impact they have on it. It believes digital society should be kept safe and accessible for everyone. Ziggo also pays much attention and care to its employees. These responsibilities form the pillars of Ziggo’s Corporate Social Responsibility.


The brief

Ziggo was looking for a way to demonstrate how things stand with their CSR policy. It was looking for communication that incorporated an exciting combination of art, copy and code.

Our project

In collaboration with text agency JCM-Context, we developed the design, illustrations and web design for the CSR annual report. We created a clear website full of films and the personal stories of Ziggo employees and specialists. We also created a compact, 16-page CSR booklet. 100% FSC, printed with organic ink and on recycled paper of course! A CSR project to be proud of.


Beperken milieu-aspect

Ethical publication

A compact, 16-page CSR booklet. 100% FSC, printed with organic ink and on recycled paper of course.

Ziggo duurzaam
Samen verantwoord zakendoen

Third edition of the social annual report

Ziggo is shaped by the people that work there, which provides some wonderful pointers for communication resources. Today has made Ziggo’s social annual report for two consecutive years. Together with JCM-Context, we developed the concept and took care of its production. View the last edition of the Ziggo CSR annual report here. .

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