Wateropleiding programmes to a higher level

For Wateropleidingen, we regularly take a dive into the internationally respected Dutch water sector. For two consecutive years, we’ve produced a brochure featuring the current courses and programmes on offer.

The client

Through providing specialist training and courses, Wateropleidingen wants to improve water professionals’ level of knowledge. Expertise and input for the courses on offer is gathered in the field and taught by water professionals themselves.

The brief

Convey our current course offerings in a clear and water sector-appropriate manner.

Our answer

Today took care of the A-Z of producing the brochure. Raising water expertise to a higher level remained the starting point for the design and look and feel. In our photography studio we worked on creating an under-water look for the brochures, resulting in some truly original cover pages. Quotes from leading figures in the water sector added to the vibrancy of the inside pages.

Water seeks a higher level

Wateropleidingen elevates people’s practical water knowledge to a higher level by the digitilisation of educational programmes and courses, covering topics that are subject to fast developments and innovation. Today literally introduced water to the digitilisation of every area of expertise.

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