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What’s Utrecht doing for all of its cyclists?

Utrecht is an eminent cycling city – even without the help of the Tour de France that started there in 2015. Daily, around 100,000 people cycle through the city centre. Today portrayed this in a film, commissioned by the Utrecht City Council. Watch the film above.

The client

With this film, Today highlighted the cycling facilities available in the city. It was commissioned by Utrecht City Council.

The brief

What does Utrecht City Council do for all of the cyclists that venture out onto the city’s cycle paths every day? And how can we tell people about it?

Our answer

We provided our answer in the short film we made. The film included a combination of film recordings and animation to illustrate the message that Utrecht City Council is working hard on a better cycling city. Ninety-seconds of the information you need and nothing more.


The result

A cheery film with no voice-over, but with sufficient information about all the cycling facilities in Utrecht.

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