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‘Positive Eating’ with TerraSana

Bringing organic and sustainable way of living into the culture was a TerraSana’s challenge. Today helped: with the new pay off ‘Positive eating’ healthy eating never felt so good.

The client

TerraSana is a company with decades of experience in the development and production of organic food and natural cosmetics with an internationally recognised quality mark. The product range consists of 900 high-quality products and is sold in 35 countries.

The brief

Translating brand identity from a wholesaler to its own brand identity with consistent, powerful and contemporary appearance, for products and packaging.

Our answer

Qualitative products that truly are organic, do good, taste good, feel good. That’s why we came up for Terrasana with ‘Positive Eating’ that turns Terrasana to a distinctive brand with unique experience. With an accessible and energetic tone of voice translated into visual communication and packaging design, we show that healthy, organic eating never felt so good.

terrasana peanuts

Positive eating

TerraSana is a company with decades of experience in the development and production of organic delicacies with an international quality label.
The range consists of 900 high-quality organic products. In everything TerraSana does, it strives for balance: between production and consumption, sustainability and comfort, and ultimately, between man and nature.


Nut butter line

New packaging, a logo and a great slogan. To kick off this positive campaign, TerraSana’s nut butters were the first products in the range to undergo an update. TerraSana is proud of producing these in-house. They’re 100% pure as the company doesn’t ‘do’ additives.

TerraSana has at least fourteen nut butters in either 250g or 500g jars, including peanut butter, cashew butter, sesame butter (tahini), hazelnut butter, almond butter, sunflower butter and, just added to the line, two mixed butters with three or four types of nuts. And yes: you really can taste the difference!


Super Raw Food

Besides superfoods, the raw food principle is also gaining popularity. According to raw foodies, raw food is also called ‘living food’, eaten as a medicine for your body instead of just to fill your stomach. TerraSana now has a very extensive range of products that Today designed all the packaging for.



TerraSana’s sweet liquorice is produced according to a century old tradition using freshly harvested ingredients. Dutch people love liquorice!


Japanese line

Positive eating with a Japanese flavour! Today mastered eating with chopsticks and delved into the world of Japanese Feng Shui. While Today is still working hard on the Japanese line, there are already more than 50 new products on the shelves. Time to dine! Or rather ‘ieh-tah-dakki-mas’.

Japanese kitchenware

Kitchenware from Japanese line is a very own family within the extensive product range: traditional chef knives, cutlery and other kitchenware to master authentic Japanese cuisine. Exclusive and stylish addition for anyone who loves to cook!


Mediterranean line

Currently we are working on the development of packaging designs for a renewed Mediterranean line, which together consists of pesto’s, soups, sauces and other delicious traditional products of mediterranean. The color palette is bright, bold and intense, inspired by vibrant landscapes of Mediterranean sea. Main ingredients of products are featured on the package in a kaleidoscopic ornamental system.

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