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Today took up the challenge to provide Studiekring (Study Circle) with a new brand identity. We developed the visual concept ‘Learning to look differently’ and carried this concept through to a logo, house style, photography, print, exhibition material, a website and an extensive campaign for students and those about to sit their final exams.

The client

Studiekring supports high school students with their homework, prepares them for their exams and offers training courses that help fix performance anxiety. Studiekring does this both offline and online.

The brief

Define what our ‘brand’ looks like and how we can bring our core values into the limelight. How can we better speak to our target group?

Our answer

Learn to look differently! Use cheeky, fresh imagery and lively illustrations. In doing so, you combine a young person’s world with serious issues like school and studying. Be smart with language to bring an extra dimension to the picture. The brand identity and visual language that emerged were the starting point for a complete package with a logo, website, house style, photography, exhibition material and a campaign for which Today provided the photography, the design and short copy.


Learn to look differently

To create contrast we made use of distinctive imagery and illustrations. We coupled the world of the young people with study topics enabling Studiekring to get its students (and parents) interested in their studies by literally bringing the dry, theoretical parts to life.


The red book of homework

A booklet that goes beyond useful tips and tricks on how to make your homework. A useful pocket for students to find out how well they are doing at school. How’s you’re planning? How well do you concentrate? Questions the booklet can answer to. Today came up with the concept and delivered the design.

2015 Campaign

Studiekring wanted to put extra focus on doing homework and setting personal goals with the help of free ‘taster’ afternoons. They wanted to communicate that it’s now or never for the students. Providing a wake-up call to the questions: are you going to pass this year? To provide a wake-up call! Today developed the 2015 campaign image for Studiekring. It’s time for the final push. You’re nearly there!

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