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Bringing new energy into your organisation. Further developing yourself as leader and realising the ambitions that you have for your team or organisation. With Schouten & Nelissen’s 360° Leadership campaign, Today brings a new dimension to the idea of leadership. See the online campaign here:

The client

Schouten & Nelissen focuses on personal and organisational development. The training bureau provides training, courses, coaching and advice to both individuals and teams.

The brief

Create an online campaign about leadership. The target group consists of managers who feel they’re at a standstill within their organisation. The objective is to get these leaders moving again, to re-involve them in the organisation.

Our answer

Managers are central to an organisation. They have the task of breaking boundaries and creating the space needed to achieve their team’s ambitions. They are responsible for managing their team and their boss, for connecting people and realising new opportunities. The leaders of today are fully committed. They are 360° Leaders! Today created an interactive online campaign. See it here:


What else do we do for Schouten & Nelissen?

We also developed the new corporate style for Schouten & Nelissen, including consistent, international branding for their offline and online resources. We closely monitor the company’s house style and apply it via various methods of communication. Annually, we develop the company’s Training Guide, featuring all the training courses that Schouten & Nelissen offers. And, as a follow-up to the successful Groeibox (Growth Box), we developed the Talent&box. We agreed that the theme ‘Talent&’ provided strong branding potential and proved to be perfectly suited to being adapted. The box consisted of a magazine, the 2013 Training Guide and the Talent&game, and offered professionals and organisations inspiration and practical support in discovering talent. Today also made the 2013/14 and 2014/15 Training Guides with the theme ‘To Learn is to Work’. We devised the concept and provided the design and photography. The guide was issued with a funky sweatband; an extra bit of encouragement for its wearer to really do their best. Want to immerse yourself in a smart training? Go to the Schouten & Nelissen

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