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Netherlands – Pakistan relationship

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is changing its relationship with Pakistan: it’s no longer considered a developing country, but a trade partner.

The client

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassy in Islamabad.

To encourage trade, the Pakistani business community must have confidence in the Netherlands. They must also know how strong the relationship between the two countries already is.

The brief

Design an overview publication about the Dutch-Pakistani relationship. How do you present limited (and old) archive material in a fresh way?

Our answer

Today provided the fresh design of a 36-page magazine, with a spotlight on the versatility and length of the relationship, one that begun immediately after the founding of the state of Pakistan. We made a vibrant design using the stories of Pakistanis themselves.

Developing relationship

The Netherlands and Pakistan maintain a good relationship with each other. The Netherlands has supported development projects in Pakistan for many years. Since 2012, the development relationship has been phased out. The Netherlands now focuses primarily on the safety and stability of Pakistan. The Netherlands and Pakistan are also important trade partners. At the moment, The Netherlands is the fourth largest investor in Pakistan and the ninth largest trade partner of the Southern Asia country.

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