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Fisherman’s Tales with a smell!

A book that smelled fishy: Naar Inkt Vissen. This publication yielded Today three nominations for ADCN lamps (Art Directors Club Nederland), a Silver ADCN lamp for Graphic Design, a D&AD nomination from London and a nomination for a European Design Award. Plus a lot of media attention.

So how did this all come about? On a little visit to the fish market in Scheveningen, Today got hold of some squid ink. One and a half litres of squid ink to be precise, enough for a run of 1,000 books. Fully ecological ink: no chemical additives were involved at all.

The Rotterdam writers Menno Smit and Edwin de Voigt used a fountain pen to write their poems and some illustrators put down some beautiful strokes on paper. The whole thing was screen-printed by hand and bound with traditional fishing twine. The result? 48 pages full of powerful (sailor’s) stories and the first book in the Netherlands with its very own scent.

The smelly book was spotted quickly and picked up by the national and international media, featuring in an article in a Turkish newspaper and on Turkish television, for example. Various Dutch and foreign blogs were also talking about ‘Naar Inkt Vissen’, and the book was part of the Teaming Up exhibition in the Transnatural Gallery in Amsterdam.



Today fed from the safe harbours, defied the limits of book printing, dirtied their hands and screen-printed powerful stories with illustrations to match. All bound with traditional fishing twine. A process we are proud of!

A selection from the bundle

Written by Menno Smit and Edwin de Voigt, and illustrated by the Today team and friends, here are a number of pieces from the collection.

The cherry on the cake

The squid ink book was nominated for an European Design Award and DA&D award. In the Netherlands we won a ADCN-lamp (Art Directors Club Netherlands) for the book. Time for a party!


Order the book

We still have 40 copies left of the book. It was a limited edition of 700 copies. If you want to order the book, please send an e-mail to:

Price of the book is €50,- including shipping costs. The book is only in Dutch.

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