Clear infographics for the Ministry

For the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Today was able to distill the most important information from jargon-heavy policy documents into clear and concise information by creating infographics and animations. The animation on the State of the Economy was a huge hit and was used by telegraaf.nl and the 2050 Energy Report even made the NOS news.

The client

The Ministry of Economic Affairs wanted a campaign aimed at citizens who want to know more about the Ministry’s policy and decision-making process.

The question

Create clarity on a variety of social topics in such a way that the general public will be able to understand what Economic Affairs does.

Our answer

Today developed a series of interactive infographics and animations in one consistent, clear and fresh design. Today worked on a variety of topics ranging from the ‘Green Deal’ to the National Ecological Network and the latest figures on economic growth from CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis.

2050 Energy report

The Netherlands changed it’s course into the right direction. A completely sustainable energy supply by 2050. The energy report presented by Minister Kamps explains which steps needs to be taken to create a cleaner and more durable climate. Apart from that the people and companies of the Netherlands are challenged by ambassador André Kuipers to take initiative into their own hands to save energy. Today developed a completely new visual style for this energy agreement including complex infographics and additional animations. What gives you energy?



We have designed a wide range of infographics for the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Placing the spotlight on complicated policy areas in a way that is visually appealing and clear – that’s where our challenge lies. Working with topics ranging from sustainable energy to permits for start-up businesses.


Green Deal

Businesses sometimes encounter problems when they try to become more sustainable. The national government can help solve these issues by offering them a Green Deal. The Green Deal helps to execute sustainable plans. We took care of all the visuals surrounding the Green Deal.

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