Speciality beer brewed by three brothers-in-law.

The three brothers-in-law Tim, Tim and Felix had been dreaming of their own brewery for a long time and took on the challenge when they started their own brand of beer! Together with Today they started their own beer brand and at the beginning of 2017 Brothers in Law was good to go.

The client

With their thorough knowledge of the beer market in the area of logistics, sales and brewing, the 3 brothers-in-law Tim, Tim and Felix contacted Today to realise their own beer brand.

The 3 gentlemen used their experience from the national and international world of brewing to realise their dream of an own beer brand.


The development of a trio of flavours was already well underway, a brewery had been rented, but what should the brand look like? After an effective analysis to get a clear picture of the question and the direction, Today’s designers went to work. A dream assignment, because which designer wouldn’t love to design a beer brand?

Wat hebben wij gedaan

Together with BIL, Today found the answers to a set of questions in various brand strategic sessions: “What should this new beer brand be called? What makes this brand unique?” We defined the new brand values and brand identity from the gained insights. After a phased concept phase, we reach a suitable visual translation of their wishes for a concrete beer label. Herein lies a (literal) main role for the 3 gentlemen, in which the impact of the brand has become the main focus in the visual hierarchy. The remarkable use of colour is disruptive in the traditional beer market.


Brand identity

Brewing beer is a real craft, an authentic trade that is surrounded by traditional connotations. To capture this in a strategical direction we based ourselves on “Tradition meets Revolution”.

This approach is carried out across the entire brand; balancing on the intersection of tradition and revolution we created a remarkable and exciting brand identity. Instead of moving away from the cues in the beer category, these were used to create a unique position. The result of giving their own twist to these cues is disruptive and instantly stands out!


To visually support the brand and its products we worked together with photographer Ruben May. The photography and visual language is enjoyable and robust, which is exactly what the brand wants to exude.

Brand identity

The strength of Brothers in Law is their down to earth, no-nonsense attitude. No product pushing, just good ingredients and a superb speciality beer!

The no-nonsense attitude of the 3 gentlemen is integrated in the entire brand identity. The most important expression of this are the beer labels: powerful, clear and highly visible in a product group dominated by tradition.

In addition, we developed a catering toolkit with eye-catching posters, a flyer with all the facts about the speciality beers and various sales tools. This has allowed the gentlemen to steadily increase their market share. You’ll soon see them in a store near you!

Every family has its own traditions, as do these boys. Every beer represents its own ‘law’, which matches the specific characteristics of the various speciality beers.


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