Alpha, Omega and everything in between

Alpha, Omega and everything in between

An existing spa and wellness centre, post reinvention, looking for a strong visual brand identity. Today is always up for exploring what’s in every corner, a perspective we also applied to a wellness centre – arriving at a totally new approach to the future of wellness: ‘from Alpha to Omega’, or from a day of pure relaxation to a total, personalised treatment programme.

From Friday 28 August 2015, Spa Soesterberg took the name Omega Spa and Wellness, moved into completely new premises and told the world a fresh, new brand story. What they still missed, however, was a visual brand identity to match. So Today got to work, starting by unravelling the concept of ‘wellness’. What does this actually mean to people, and what does it mean to Omega Spa and Wellness? The conclusion was one brimming with inspiration: Omega Spa and Wellness is a place that allows you to completely be yourself. Where a day becomes an exploration into the art of living. The Greek alphabet formed the basis for a new wellness concept ‘from Alpha to Omega’; from a day of taking it easy to a complete relaxation gift to yourself.

Today developed a brand identity and complete corporate style, and got to work on a broad range of communication tools: website, print, presentations and stationary. We also took care of the signage in the new building in Soesterberg.

Whoever’s interested should definitely pay a visit to the beautiful complex in Soesterberg. But for right now, perhaps it’s quicker to first take a look at to get a taste of its laid back atmosphere.


Omega spa en wellness ontwerp

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