The party isn’t over just yet!

The party isn’t over just yet!

(Sorry, movie with Dutch voice over). 

It’s our birthday, which we announced earlier this year with an anniversary film, ‘5 years Today’, in collaboration with motion director Kevin Megens. The fact that this film will soon be shown on a mega-screen in the one and only EYE Dutch Film Institute in Amsterdam pretty much completes our celebratory year.

A giant screen on the banks of the river IJ in Amsterdam: what’s that all about? Well, our film’s been nominated in the 2015 KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival category of ‘Animation for Hire’. With global competition, it’s a welcome surprise that fellow nominees include the films ‘Eneco Dutch Wind’ and ‘Le Tour Utrecht – Bon Voyage!’ from the Netherlands. The KLIK! Amsterdam festival is open to everyone.

Growth Rings
The film was made by Kevin Megens as an invitation for our anniversary party that took place in May. The growth rings of a tree trunk play the leading role in the animation, with each of the rings representing a year of existence for Today. The sets were built to be realistic, lending the film a distinctive style. Sound design and music was composed by Alex Debicki, voice-over text by Edwin de Voigt.

KLIK!_amsterdam_nominatie_todayAchter de schermen



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