Five years of Today!

The growth that Today has experienced in five years is something to be proud of. And we are. We’ve grown up and built a serious, growing agency to boot. So what’s been happening in the last five years? (sorry, movie with Dutch voice over).

0. The Big Bang

A business mind and a designer’s brain both looking for a good excuse to make great things. In the summer of 2009, Robbert Smit and Bob Derksen sketched out the contours of a new agency. After many brainstorm sessions, a big bang announced the arrival in early 2010: Today Designers.

1. Getting started
2010 was to be a year of much investment and pitching. But even if the romance of the adventure was a little bogged down in the detail, we didn’t have time to get bored. We got to work for the first time for Schouten & Nelissen and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. And then some great partnerships came to fruition with agency JCM and applied game consultant Bart Hufen.

2. It’ll be fine!
In 2011 everything got going and things got much busier. New clients knew where to find us, at our premises in the collective building Concordia in Utrecht. We got increasingly bold, kicking down doors if we needed to, initiating the development of new ideas. We cleverly combined commercial impact with a strong focus on a better world.

3. Moving on and growing
Ziggo approached us at the start of 2012, which meant we urgently needed some extra design power. With such a well-stocked portfolio, our two-man show became a real agency. At the end of 2012 we moved to the creative hotspot Vechtclub XL. And even before the paint dried, a new heavyweight knocked at our door: DTG.

4. Today XL
Today took on some serious assignments and went on to win various pitches. We picked up TerraSana and produced the book ‘Naar inkt vissen’, which had us silk-screen printing and milking squids for their ink for an entire week. There’s a smell of success in the air…

5. And the winner is…
And so there we were in Paradiso, among all the big names from agency land, holding our very own ADCN lamp in our hands. Our book had been nominated in no less than three categories and received media attention both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, we’d been working for diverse commercial service providers and a good number of sustainable brands. 2014 was a year of major success and we had high hopes for the future.


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